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Lyman Medeiros and Renee Myara find common ground between jazz, classic French pop, Americana and their own original songs to create the sound of Black Market Reverie. Equipped with Vocal harmonies and clever arrangements their music is both familiar and unique. 

Lyman Medeiros

After moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Lyman quickly became one of the most in-demand bassists in Southern California. He’s toured and recorded with legendary artists such as Steve Tyrell, Michael Buble, and many more, and has traveled all over the world.

Renee Myara

A musical chameleon, you’ll find Renee playing many instruments and singing in multiple languages. Though classically trained, Renee has lent her talents to almost every genre imaginable. In her most recent incarnation, Renee applies her signature style and operatic range to fusing jazz, country and cabaret.

jazz pop album

debut album:

The Rainy Days

The Rainy Days is a collection of eight songs that define the sound and style of Black Market Reverie. From the American Songbook gem “Stars Fell on Alabama,” to the acoustic interpretation of Serge Gainsbourg’s calypso-tinged “Couleur Cafe” to the foot-stomping original “Trouble,” the album presents a diverse song selection with a singular concept that creates an unforgettable debut.

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